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Hopewell Springs Clayworks

Inspired by the flora and fauna of here in the Appalachian foothills of Central Ohio—

even if some are exaggerated improvisations—each vessel, plater, pitcher, bowl, or mug is an original improvisation. That is the pleasure in making for me: Not duplicating a work over and over, but allowing each to find an original expression of form, illustration, and color.

Nearly all works are thrown on the wheel and then manipulated to create concavities or ribs or bulges that will add further dimension—further “hand feel”—to the object. After each has hardened a bit, I begin the real pleasure: puzzling out the surface composition. How will the branches or the water ripples travel across the piece. What creatures should fit where? What sort of leaf shape?


As I draw and then carve these visuals into the clay body, I’m also concentrating on creating a surface that will afford the greatest tactile pleasure. The pleasure of holding in your hands an object built in my hands.

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