Michael J. Rosen

artist, author, & companion animal to a cattle dog named Chant

Larger Works
Floral Monoprints
Paintings, Collages, Monoprints
A Ben of All Trades
The Most Inventive Boyhood of Benjamin Franklin, illustrated by the remarkable Matt Tavares
James Thurber Collected Fables
including 10 uncollected fables with original illustrations from contemporary artists
In the Quiet, Noisy Woods
a raucous read-aloud with eight woodland critters that share my land
The Greatest Table
A new edition of one of my first books for younger readers. A blessing, a grace, a hope for a hunger-free generation.
Every Species of Hope
Georgics, Haiku, and Other Observations—my newest book of poetry with many illustrations from my journals
The Horse's Haiku
from field to stable, from rest to riding: a book of haiku that captures the nature of horses
The Tale of Rescue
A fine, superbly illustrated tale of adventure, bravery, and loyalty.—starred Kirkus Review
Illustrated Clay
my work in ceramics—vases, chargers, bowls, and other vessels mostly inspired by the species who share my acres
A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber
The first monograph to focus on Thurber's work as an artist and illustrator. Coincides with a major exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.
The Bigger Universe I Share Here
making a haiku...a ceramic tile...and peace with the other creatures I live among
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