Over the decades I've written or edited a kennel of books about our canine companions. Along the way, I've also paid tribute to the two other creatures who've made a fairly square deal with our kind, cats and horses. 

Mannix, the manx who shares the acres with Chant. Neither was bred with a tail.

This is an example of a caption.
This is an example of a caption.
The Daily Chant: The Only News That Counts.
 Yes, these are photos of my Australian Cattle Dog, Chant.  Yes, that's love,...in her eyes and mine.  But this is also a chance to encourage a very useful command: look at me. Sure, it makes for good photos, lol, but to focus a dog's attention on you, even briefly, is so key to being able to direct what's next. (Hard for us to remember. What's NOW is a dog's key mode. We're the ones who want to suggest what's next: what should happen...what might happen...and therefore...the next command could be: wait. Or...let's go this way! Or...here's a treat.) And so concludes today's dog-training tip.
a few more titles, now out of print
Many of the titles can be found at new and used booksellers, on- and off-line. And I have a limited number that I can inscribe and mail. Just contact me for details. With thanks
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