Launching this June, a decades-long collaboration with the Most Vertical Girl in the World, three-time Shuttle astronaut D. Kathryn D. Sullivan. A book for young readers. A book that extols the virtues of curiosity, the vitality of pursuing your interests. 
What is it like to walk in space—to use cutting-edge equipment and conduct experiments in a 280-pound space suit? How do you get there in the first place? Would-be spacewalkers will find enthusiasm, vibrant encouragement, and a host of amazing facts, photos, drawings, and descriptions in this engaging guide cowritten by three-time shuttle astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan and children’s book author Michael J. Rosen (who also provides illustrations). From detailed info about how to train (sometimes underwater!) to descriptions of the emotions spurred by seeing Earth from above, this guide will leave readers inspired and excited to start their own journeys into space.
48 pages, illustrated by NASA photos and illustrations by Michael J. Rosen 
ISBN  9781536226218​​​​​​​, $19.95
"an empowering and uplifting account of a woman achieving her dreams—and encouraging readers to live the “life you invent.” —Kirkus Reviews 
What it's like to wash your hair in space. 
Illustration by Michael J. Rosen, reproduced with permission of MIT/Candlewick Press, 2023. All rights reserved.