“These tender, strange, and beautiful glimpses of nature contain a delightful blend of artistry and dappled light.”
—Diane Ackerman, author of 
A Natural History of the Senses ​

“The poems of a man who has assembled his own house from the matter that lies beyond enclosure. And then, through language and observation, learned to live and thrive in it."
—Daniel Halpern, founder of Ecco and Antaeus and author of 
Something Shiny
In his first book of poetry in twenty years, Michael J. Rosen captures life in the foothills of the Appalachians. Every Species of Hope: Georgics, Haiku, and Other Poems uses a variety of poetic forms, as well as Rosen’s own pen-and-ink drawings, to give voice to the predicaments of living among other creatures who share a plot of land we think we claim as home. The poems are an attempt at homeostasis: that balancing act every creature works at every hour of every day—a way of living peacefully, expending the right energy in the most productive ways, avoiding or deflecting trouble, gravitating toward sources of fulfillment and contentment.
Illustrated with two dozen pages from the author’s own journal, Every Species of Hope is the consummation of decades of observation, humility, and awe.
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