"Ms. Mary Math, 'the go-to wiz for mind-boggling math questions,' answers questions related to volume, distance, weight, and other topics, framed as letters from curious kids. A Florida letter-writer, 'Grounded in Groveland,' asks how long it would take to send a birthday card to everyone on the planet; the answer, after some quick multiplication, is 222 years. The off-kilter scenarios proposed, which are entertainingly captured in Patton's quirky cartoon graphics, and the off-the-cuff tone Rosen adopts for the answers keep these unconventional story problems from ever feeling like homework. 'That's a sweet thought,' says Ms. Mary of the birthday card question. 'One problem: your task's impossible.'"―Publishers Weekly
If you could hike to the moon, how long would it take? Just how many glasses of lemonade would you need to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool? If everyone on Earth owned exactly the same amount of land, how big would your yard be? And how much time would you spend mowing the lawn?

Learn the math behind these questions in this hilarious romp through weight, volume, distance, and more. These 12 zany scenarios add up to a book full of fun!
Winner of the Mathical Book Prize, 2017 

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